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Designed and manufactured by T.A.S. since 1988, Gazex is the best remote avalanche control system ever developed.

The way it works.

Gazex explodes an oxygen/propane gas mixture in specifically designed exploder tubes located at the top end of risk zones. The exploders are connected to gas storage tanks with capacities high enough to operate for the whole season without re-filling.

Explosively effective!

When the gas mixture explodes, the force of the explosion is directed towards the snow, producing three effects:

  • A direct push into snow under the open end of the exploder.
  • A shock wave that produces an overpressure and then a negative pressure that lifts up the snow.
  • An indirect sympathetic effect on the adjacent snow mantle.

Depending on the volume of the exploder and the configuration of the site, overpressure waves of up to 25 mb go from 30 to 90 m radius. (approximately 100 to 300 feet).